Aadhaar card is lost then get new card uidai aadhar update

How To Exchange Old Adhar To New Adhar Just In 5 Minutes In Your Home Full Process uidai aadhar update

uidai aadhar update
uidai aadhar update

Hello Dears How Are You ...This Article I Inform You Adhar Card Official Update...
Now Old Adhar Card Has Bean Lost How To Get New Adhar Card And Change Your Old Adhar To New Adhar Please Read full article To Get New Adhar... uidai aadhar update uidai official update

Aadhaar card is vital|a crucial|a vital|a very important} and important document, there area unit several things that may not be eluded the Aadhaar card. In such a scenario, if you lose the Aadhaar Card, then what you have got to try to to to induce a brand...

 new card once more. nowadays we'll offer you with data regarding this text in your article. another was superimposed a while agone on the official web site of the Indian distinctive Identification Authority (UIDAI). you'll be able to reprint the Aadhaar Card from the selection of this selection.

To reprint the Aadhaar card, you have got to pay a fee of Rs. 50. Before reprint Aadhaar Card from the official web site of UIDAI, you need to keep in mind your Aadhaar card range. initial of all, it's vital to grasp that you just ought to have a mobile range, that you had registered whereas making the Aadhaar card.

 this can be as a result of OTP can return to your range throughout the reprint method. once coming into OTP, you'll have a preview of Aadhaar Card. data like name, date of birth and address etc. are going to be shown before payment of payment.

If you are doing not have a registered mobile range whereas reprint Aadhar card, in such a scenario you'll be able to additionally get a reprint by coming into another mobile range.

  however the issue to notice is that if you have got not logged in with the registered mobile range then once coming into the OTP you'll not be able to see the Aadhaar card's preview show.

Follow these steps for Aadhaar Card Reprint

1) initial move to the official web site of the Indian distinctive Identification Authority (UIDAI),

2) Then select the choice of Order Aadhaar Reprint (Pilot Basis) showing on the homepage of the web site.

3) Then a page can open on an individual basis and here you have got to enter your base card range and therefore the security code (CAPTCHA) with the twelve digit.

4) If you have got register mobile range out there then click the Send OTP button. If you are doing not have a registered mobile range, click don't Have Registered Mobile range.

5) Then your mobile range can get OTP, place it within the OTP box on the proper facet of the screen.

6) once checking the main points within the preview on future page, click on the payment button.

7) once paying the fee, the message can seem on the screen moreover because the SRN range on your mobile

uidai aadhar update in 2019

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